From Brick to Click in 60 Days: Let’s Curate Experiences!

  • List 10 keywords that are most likely to grab your target audiences’ attention.
  • List 5 key themes that may interest your customers and are connected to your products.
  • Shortlist 5 formats, to publish your content in (e.g. video, blog, post, etc.)
  • Shortlist the top-3 platforms where your customers are most likely to be found (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Google, Amazon, etc.)
  • Identify 5 types of customer expectations that are most common in terms of experience.
  • Shortlist 3 formats that will serve as stimuli to spark interest and address expectations (e.g. videos, social media ads, Amazon ads, etc.).
  • Create 3 awesome touchpoints on your website that customers find hard to resist (e.g. live chats, AR & VR, video consultations, interactive product catalogues, etc.)



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Therefore Design

Therefore Design

Therefore Design is a multifaceted design house that offers services in Design Research, Communication Design and Industrial Design.