From Brick to Click in 60 Days: Go Social

  • If you are starting on a small budget, focus on fewer locations and possibly only 1 or 2 platforms. If you are starting with a big budget, it would still be wise to be more focused.
  • Try the A/B testing available on all platforms, to arrive at the best creative and copy for your ad.
  • Set up a weekly review and track your progress.
  • Refer to a standard days and events calendar available easily online and start building your own calendar from there.
  • Post on different days of the week as a trial, see when it is that you get the best response, and plan to post your hero content on those days.
  • Build a centralised content library for all the content you wish to share and organise it on a sharing platform like Google Drive for easy collaborations.
  • Define what type of content you will post on specific days so that your feed is never monotonous.
  • Create a strong Call to Action in all your paid promotions, like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Visit Profile’, etc., to influence potential buyers.
  • Use remarketing strategies to communicate with visitors who may have recently engaged with your social media page.
  1. Use a mix of videos and images
  2. Create ‘quick to write’ and ‘quick to comprehend’ copy for posts
  3. Develop enough content, to last you at least a week
  4. Use correct and trending hashtags. Also, tag relevant stakeholders on posts for wider reach
  • Develop a tone of voice (TOV) for your posts — they need to reflect your brand’s TOV
  • Format text intelligently, using bullets, paragraphs, headers, etc., because nobody likes to read a long, boring monologue.
  • Leverage influencer marketing to engage with your audience and develop a brand presence across a wider audience.



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