By Vrishali Kekre Deshmukh

In 2016, a fintech giant approached us, to explain the technology behind money transfers that were based on a biometric verification or a UPI handle. We couldn’t believe our ears! Was such a thing even possible? Had it not been for this company’s impeccable credentials in implementing the tech behind the UID (Aadhar) in India, we would probably never have believed their new idea as easily as we did.

Back in 2016, the idea of cashless transactions was unheard of. In many ways, it was a massive leap of faith for us (who knew back then…

By Vrishali Kekre Deshmukh

Barasā: A traditional naming ceremony in India
Barasā: A traditional naming ceremony in India
Barasā: A traditional naming ceremony in India

Anyone who’s had a child will relate to the emotional pressures of naming their new-born. No sooner is the baby born, parents and family members go through a mixed bag of emotions; excitement, and apprehension, concerning the name to be given. After all, a name is a tag that lasts a lifetime, often, even outliving the individual.

Entrepreneurs go through something similar when choosing a name for their brand/s!

In India, faith; religious or spiritual, often serves as the guiding force for choosing a baby’s name. This context is largely missing in business and entrepreneurship. More…

By Dhun Patel & Chaitra Patel

If you think branding is an activity meant only for the likes of the Nestlés, ITCs, Apples, and Googles of the world, then it’s time to think again. Branding has never been more important to businesses both big and small than it is today!

But, why are we saying this?

‘Branding’ is an oft-misused word that’s casually thrown about, to indicate logo design and/ or visual elements. It’s much more than that! A strong brand does not develop overnight merely on the basis of a logo. …

By: Dhun Patel

5Cs to Great Packaging

Never before in the history of mankind, has the consumer had such immense power of choice as they enjoy today. Walk into any retail store or open any eCommerce portal and, no matter what the product category, there are more than a dozen brands vying for their attention.

The principal challenge for us marketers then, is how to get a consumer to first notice, then engage and next decide to buy our brand.

Research into consumer psychology and buying behaviour shows that the first instinct to pick up a product is driven by emotion rather than logic…

By: Dhun Patel and Chaitra Patel

Packaging design is a vital component of any brand’s identity. A powerful marketing tool in itself, a product’s packaging speaks volumes about the brand, the product itself, and the positioning it aims to establish in the mind of the consumer. Akin to the culinary world where one first “eats with one’s eyes”, in the realm of packaging design, it is critical to get consumer attention and have them gravitate to a product’s packaging. Essentially, packaging design is all about creating a unique brand or product experience for the consumer!

Well-designed packaging, especially in the…

By: Dhun Patel and Chaitra Patel

Every waking hour of our life is spent interacting with products. Basic activities such as washing our hands, cooking a meal, taking a shower, or enjoying a chilled pint of beer, all part of everyday life cannot be completed without some or the other product. Yet, we fail to take cognisance of the impact, the design of these products has on our behaviours and our relationships with them.

There is a lot of emphasis on the relationship between a product and its consumers, until the product’s point of sale/ purchase. But really, this relationship…

By: Nitin Virkar

For any business, product development is one of the most critical aspects, especially in the initial phases. Yet, this is the stage where most startups and new-age businesses struggle with funds and the right allocation of resources.

Given these circumstances, at what stage does one involve designers and what does one expect from them? Involve them too early and their fees could seem unaffordable! Involve them too late and there would be a strong chance of duplication of efforts and rediscovery.

Undoubtedly, many of you would have faced this dilemma! Hence, this effort to disseminate, what a…

By: Nitin Virkar

The concept of ‘Design’, as commonly understood by the general masses focuses on styling and appearance of a product, rather than its actual functionality. This is far removed from the fact that giant strides have been made in the domain of design by integrating design processes with a variety of business functions, in turn aiding business growth. So, how exactly does Design come to help businesses? The Boeing 787 Dreamliner story makes a great case study!

In the first decade of the millennium, an almost loss-making Boeing identified myriad customer and consumer pain points associated with long-haul…

By: Dhun Patel and Chaitra Patel

Step into a supermarket and all you see around you are shoppers navigating crowded shopping aisles, picking up products to suit myriad requirements. The process of shopping and buying a product may seem straightforward and hassle-free, however, in reality it is far from being simple. Consumer shopping and decision-making behaviours in fact operate at complex and subliminal levels, which in turn influence the kinds of brands and products that they are most likely to choose.

Typically, consumer shopping behaviour goes through instances, which are referred to as ‘Moments of Truth’. These moments of truth…

By: Nitin Virkar

“Design is the way a business makes itself identified” — Thomas J Watson

In 2005 I had the opportunity to interact with the salt farmers in Kutch, Gujarat. And, although Kutch is the largest producer of salt in India (almost 80%), the infrastructure and systems seemed below par. There is no remedy or relief from the effects of excessive contact with salt and seawater. The repercussions are not just physical but physiological and sociological as well. …

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